A Joint Effort

State Flower partners with micro-cultivators in Western Canada to bring you unique genetics, sought after cultivars, and high-grade craft cannabis. Our limited batches are cultivated and cured to optimize tasting notes and terpene profiles, because let’s be honest, it’s more than just THC.

Our collective of growers are united by one goal – bring you top quality flower. Our combined expertise, passion, and appreciation for cannabis helps us achieve this. 

Craft Kings, Sooke BC

Craft Kings is an award-winning Micro cultivator from the beautiful Sooke, BC. With over 20 years experience cultivating craft cannabis at scale, the team grows cannabis the right way, in small batches, using the same techniques from the legacy market, with tried and trusted genetics, and in environmentally friendly conditions.

Kyle Windle, Master Grower at Craft Kings, has been growing cannabis for 10 years and is responsible for growing small batch crops. Raised in the Comox Valley, Kyle is a fourth-generation green thumb who got his love for growing from his grandfather. He prides himself in his craft and bringing the highest quality cannabis flower to the legal market. Kyle’s favourite part of the business is networking with the cannabis community, meeting new friends, and providing jobs with a great work environment for many people.

Craft Kings dials into each crop and takes the time and care to ensure a consistent craft cannabis experience. Indoor grown, using 2-gallon coco bags, the plants are constantly monitored and adjusted to maximize terpenes, THC and yield. Each batch undergoes a 14 day hang time at 60°F and 60 percent humidity. Once dried, the flower undergoes a 5 day sweat and burp to the perfect snap, and an extended 3-week cure.