Commitment to Quality

Cannabis is our flower. Quality is our promise.

Similar to our US counterparts, State Flower Canada only uses indoor cultivated flower. Each strain has unique differences, and cultivation in an indoor facility allows the master grower to control and optimize the environment to the plants needs.

  • Small batch indoor grown
  • Hand trim to preserve trichomes
  • Hang dry until the perfect snap
  • Extended cure and burping process to optimize tasting notes
  • Hand packed with care

Premium full flower pre-rolls

For those looking for the convenience of a ready-to-enjoy format, our full flower pre-rolls are available in the same indoor cultivars as our dried flower. Share our 3 pack with friends or enjoy multiple sessions with yourself. You decide. 

  • Made with whole flower for a quality experience. Never any trim. 
  • Evenly ground for consistent burn
  • Thin, white lightweight paper for premium look and feel
  • Long filter tip helps prevent waste and odour transfer to fingertips
  • Hand trimmed wick to the perfect length
  • Every pre-roll is examined for consistency
  • Hand packed with care