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Jetlato Float

Jetlato Float

Jet Fuel Gelato x White Flo

Our West Coast grown Jetlato Float is as smooth as it sounds - delivering a consistently high THC and aromatic terpene profile. This craft-grown cultivar is a rare blend of Jet Fuel Gelato and White Flo.

Its sweet and funky aroma fills up the room with a flavour that stands out as sweet, creamy and of course, gassy. 

Available in 3.5g Flower and 0.5g x 3 Pre-rolls. Flower packed in a black mylar pouch and Pre-roll packed in a black kush tube.

THC: 22-28%
Plant Type: Indica Hyrbid
Tasting Notes: Cream, Funk, Gas, Sweet
Top Terps: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
Grower: Craft Kings
Grow Location: Sooke, British Columbia

Master Grower: Kyle Windle

Occasions: For the everyday connoisseur, chilling at home, watching a movie, listening to music, stargazing, bonfires.

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